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Muswell Hill's Digital Town Square is here!


By MyMuswell Team on 7 December 2011

Hi everybody. So this is it. We finally got there. MyMuswell is alive and kicking. It’s been about 3-months in the making. Along the way, we’ve done a shed load of web design, content gathering, tweets, re-tweets, interviews, story hunting and much, much more. And you know what? It’s been one helluva ride. Hopefully you’ll all like it.

But what are we all about? Well – MyMuswell is exactly what it says on the logo: ‘A Digital Town Square’. There’s just so much going on around our little part of London that we thought it was crying out for an online space where it could all be collated and shared.

It’s here you can find out which is the best local Zumba class; here you can rate or rant about restaurants you love or hate; here you can read interviews with local celebrities like Iain Lee or Leslie Garrett; and here you can catch-up on the local events you might have missed. And that’s just the beginning.

Eventually, the aim is for the entire site to be populated with content contributed by people who live in or love Muswell Hill. But to get that going we need your help. So please – if you like MyMuswell, let us know. Damn – if you hate it let us know too. Tell us what we should be covering or even better, write something for us yourself; drop us a note laying out what else you’d like to see on here and explain what we could be sharpening up. We believe that the more people that participate in this project the better it will be for us all. It’s all about locals doing it for themselves (we hope).

There’s just one of our key principles I think it’s worth mentioning. MyMuswell is a not-for-profit, ad-free venture. It’s born out of love for the area and we don’t want it to be cluttered up with tacky adverts. Also, we think websites lose their way when they’re in the pocket of businesses. MyMuswell represents a warts-and-all view of N10, not in hock to any shop or organisation, vested interest or investor. It’s always going to be like this.

The other thing that’s really important to us is accountability. That’s why we’ve built a registration system. We know it seems like a bit of a barrier, but it’s the best way we can think of to stop spam and fake reviews. This is a site for REAL local voices and that’s the way we want to keep it. We promise not to share your personal data with anyone else. Trust us we don’t like junk mail either!   

So, have a click around. What are your thoughts? Does it work? Is everything you need here? Let us know. It’s a start and we’ve already begun thinking about Phase 2. The plan then, is to start to build up other areas of the site in response to any feedback we get. So already some of you have mentioned the need for a local ‘Freecycle’ feature – that’s do-able and if enough people ask us for it, we can try to build it. The ball is in your court guys and if we all keep talking to each other we can make this a great local resource!

So that’s it. A first baby step into the limitless digital universe but done with a distinct local flavour.

Have a great weekend and any questions, queries, comments (or even abuse) – please message us on or @mymuswell.


The MyMuswell Team


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MyMuswell Team

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